Quality, Design and Performance

This is very important to us. When a customer recieves a miSolar product, we are confident that they feel they have a quality product which will last a lot longer than products from our competitors. We have chosen the path towards higher customer satisfaction, based on the feel-good factor and assurance that the product will perform to it's promised ability.


Using the latest technology means being able to offer a more slimline and appealing design. No more bulky battery boxes to hold the larger lead acid battery systems. Instead, a semi-integrated design which looks better, weighs less and is easier to install.
The calculations we make in determining battery size, panel size, running program, discharge and charge of the battery are carefully made to ensure the product is developed to produce the desired lighting for the application.


This is what it is all about. We don't compromise on performance, we design according to a specified application and our products behave and perform according to that requirement. Designing for rural applications mean shortcuts turn into longcuts which we cannot have our customers enduring.